This page lists all previous officers of the Cornell Science Olympiad. We thank them for their commitment, however great or small, to making our club as great as it is today.

NamePositionHigh SchoolFavorite EventsTriviaMajor
NamePositionHigh SchoolFavorite EventsTriviaMajor
Stephanie SangFounder & Co-President (2014-2015) Solon High School 2011Fossils, Picture This, Rocks & MineralsScarred permanently by OrnithologyBiological Sciences & Science of Earth Systems 2015
Kathleen YoungFounder & Co-President (2014-2015)Charter School of Wilmington 2011Sumo Bots, Optics, Experimental DesignForgot about overall team awards and tried to end the awards ceremony earlyBiological Engineering 2015
Parth Trivedi Treasurer (2014-2015)New Hyde Park Memorial High School 2012Robot ArmGood at taking out the trashChemical Engineering 2016
Alan ZhangTreasurer (2015-2016)Horace Greeley High SchoolChem Lab, Experimental Design, ScramblerLikes pandasComputer Science and Economics 2018
Alex SettleLogistics Director (2015-2016)Harriton High SchoolSounds of Music, Dynamic Planet, Chem Lab, FermiDid not attend the first meeting of the yearChemical Engineering 2016
Colin BarberAdvisor for Executive Board (2016-2017)

Co-President (2015-2016)
Fayetteville-Manlius High SchoolMicrobe Mission, Fermi Questions, ThermoSpeaks two languages other than English: German and Swahili; Nickname is SemicolonBiological Sciences 2017
Jake GristAdvisor for Executive Board (2016-2017)

Co-President (2015-2016)
Merrimack High SchoolExperimental Design, Gravity Vehicle, Mouse Trap VehicleLived in London for the summer of 2015 studying at the Imperial College of LondonChemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2017
Shawn ChenAdvisor for Volunteer Coordinator (2016-2017)

Volunteer Coordinator (2015-2016)

Outreach Director (2014-2015)
Stuyvesant High School 2013Helicopter, Elastic Launch Glider, Write It Do ItForever SciOly angelBiology and Society 2017