Noel Picinich

Co-President | Computer Science 2020
Director of Builds Events 2017-18

Hi! I am a Senior Computer Science major in the College of Engineering. I competed in Science Olympiad at Boca Raton Community High School in Boca Raton, Florida. Some of my favorite events include Mission Possible, Robot Arm, Protein Modeling, It's About Time, and Wind Power. In my free time I enjoy playing card games with friends, spending time outside, and working with members of The Wardrobe, another Cornell organization, to help provide equal access to opportunity for all students on campus.


nick Leung

Co-President | Biology & Asian Studies 2021

I'm from Princeton, NJ, and I competed with West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. My favorite events are Disease Detectives, Experimental Design, and Code Busters. In my free time, I play a lot of Super Smash Bros, listen to EDM, and practice Mandarin and Japanese. Besides Science Olympiad at Cornell, I'm also involved in biology tutoring and the PAC lab where I do EEG analyses.


Rahul Rambhatla

Advisor | Chemical Engineering 2020
Director of Logistics 2017-18

I am a senior from Solon, Ohio and attended Solon High School. My favorite events are forestry, forensics, and rocks and minerals. I enjoy cooking in my free time, and I am the Senior Adviser to the iGEM project team on campus.


Megan she

Advisor |English 2020
Director of Test Events 2018-19 • Secretary/Webmaster 2017-18

Hey! I'm Megan She, Advisor and former Test Events Director of SciOly at Cornell. I first started my SciOly career in middle school competing for The Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, MO where I fell in love with Experimental Design and Disease Detectives. A decade later, I'm a senior majoring in English but I identify as the ampersand in Arts & Sciences. I love working an espresso bar, making far too many Spotify playlists, and dabbling in conversational design. On campus, I'm also involved with Cornell Design & Tech Initiative and Cornell Mars Rover. I'm always looking for another stamp in my passport, the best brie out there, and solid Medium recommendations. And I'm always a sucker for bad jokes.


Rachel armstrong

Director of Test Events & Vice President| Human Biology, Health, and Society & Health Policy 2022

I am a sophomore from Brighton High School in Rochester, NY studying Human Biology, Health, and Society and minoring in Health Policy. My favorite Science Olympiad events are Anatomy and Physiology and Write It Do It. In my free time, I'm usually doing crossword puzzles, taking a nap, or drinking too much coffee. Besides Science Olympiad, I am a healthcare analyst at the Roosevelt Institute, a brother of APO, a community service fraternity, an orientation supervisor, and a Traditions Fellow.


Matthew Ko

Director of Build Events | Applied Engineering Physics & Computer Science 2021

I grew up in Great Neck on Long Island and attended Great Neck South High School. My favorite Scioly event to watch and build is Mission Possible, my favorite event to compete in is Write it Do it. In my free time, I like to go rock climbing or play games with my friends ranging from board games to casual console games. I also really love brainteasers and puzzles that encourage creative thinking. On campus, I am involved with research in the Muller group and have taken on TA/tutoring jobs.


Anthony Brites

Director of Logistics | Chemical Engineering 2020
Quality Control Manager 2018-19

I grew up in Cedarhurst, NY and attended Chaminade High School. My favorite events are Cell Biology, Dynamic Planet, and It’s About Time. Outside of SciOly, I enjoy mentoring my “little buddy” as a part of College Mentors for Kids and competing in ChemE Car.


Shanyah Mitchell

Quality Control Manager | Biological Sciences 2022

I am from Queens, New York. I went to Townsend Harris High School. My favorite scioly events are disease detectives and astronomy. On campus I am involved in Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity and E.motion. In my free time I enjoy doing anything related to the arts (drawing , singing, writing. etc)


Haniya Abbasi

Volunteer Coordinator | Biology and Society & Nutrition 2020

Hi! I'm from Levittown, NY on Long Island, and went to Division Avenue High School. My favorite scioly events were Wright Stuff & Protein Modeling. I am an avid foodie, and love exploring various cafés & restaurants with my best friends. I love listening to chill music, drink a lot of coffee, and love comedy TV. I am really involved in Cornell's co-ed community service organization Alpha Phi Omega & am a part of its pledge team!


Lydia Zheng

Director of Communications | Industrial Labor Relations & Business 2020
General Board Member 2017-18

Hi! I’m from Munster, Indiana and went to Munster High School. My favorite Science Olympiad events are Hydrogeology, Disease Detectives, and Forensics. In my free time, I enjoy watching trashy reality TV shows, showing people pictures of my cat, and online shopping. I'm also the Director of Elections for the Student Assembly, Co-Administrative Chair for Cornell's 2020 Convocation Committee, Public Relations Chair for the 2020 Senior Class Campaigns, and an ILR Peer Mentor and Research Assistant.


Swathi Chandrika

Treasurer | Applied Engineering Physics 2021

Hello! I come from South Brunswick, NJ, where I went to South Brunswick High School. My favorite events were mostly physics-y ones (It's About Time, Optics, Shock Value), but I loved Fossils and Rocks & Minerals as well. I'm also involved in the Cornell Chorale, and in my free time I read, write song lyrics, and cry over problem sets.

Portrait - Kyle Lai.jpg

Kyle Lai

Financial Assistant | Computer Science & Operations Research 2023

My name is Kyle and I am excited to be the new financial assistant for Cornell Scioly! I am from Queens, NY, and I went to Townsend Harris High School. My favorite Scioly events are WIDI, Thermo, Fermi, Microbe Mission. My hobbies include playing PC games, exploring restaurants in the city, and listening to music. On campus, I am also in Cayuga Capital and the autopilot subteam for CUAir.


Xihang Wang

Freshman Representative| Biological Sciences 2023

Hello! I am a freshman from West Windsor, NJ and I attended WW-P High School North. My favorite SciOly event is definitely Microbe Mission, with Disease Detectives and Fermi Questions coming in as close seconds. In addition to SO, I am a member of Cornell iGEM and also participate in the Wushu club here on campus. In my free time, I enjoy raising chickens, and I look forward to working with everyone to host a great invitational tournament!