Please keep the following clarifications in mind while preparing for our 2019 tournament

Code Busters • DIv c

This event will be run at the state level, so any codes listed as testable at state competitions can be included in the test. This will be true for all events where distinctions are made between Invitational and States topics.

thermodynamics • Div B and C

We will NOT be including the Builds portion of the event as part of teams’ scores. However, we will have optional device testing for teams who wish to participate. These will be run after all other events and will be available for sign-up on EZRA. Please note: there will be separate sign-ups for the Build and Test portions; please be sure to sign up for both if you would like to test your device.

Mission Possible • Div C

There will be no impound; the target operation time will be 60.0 seconds.

Road Scholar • Div. B

All maps will be provided to competitors.

Trial Events • Div B and C

We will be running three Trial Events this year: Parasitology, Duct Tape Challenge, and Science Trivia. These will be optional and will NOT count in teams’ overall scores. Stay tuned for further rules.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us!