Awards Ceremony Policy

Due to the limited capacity of this year’s award ceremony venue, namely Call Auditorium, we are restricting entry to the first 35 teams who registered on Ezra for the tournament. In order to enter the auditorium, your team must be properly checked out with the registration desk by submitting a completed checkout form (we will be keeping track). Additionally, each of the 35 teams attending awards is permitted 15 competitors and up to 2 additional team members including coaches, alternates, or chaperones. Therefore, only 17 persons from each team with a team number 1-35 are allowed into the awards ceremony. In the event that one or more of the first 35 teams will opt out of attending the awards ceremony, we will allow additional teams (starting with team 36 and counting up) to attend awards. You will be contacted if your team number is greater than 35 and you are being allowed into the awards ceremony. If there are remaining seats in the auditorium after allowing entry via the above policy, we will open up the remaining seats as first come first serve. In the likely event that not all teams and spectators are permitted into Call Auditorium, there will be an overflow room in Uris Hall room G01 where the awards ceremony will be broadcasted live. Competitors who are not present in Call Auditorium for their division’s awards ceremony and place in the top six in one or more of their events will receive their medal(s) by mail.

Noel Picinich