Please keep the following clarifications in mind while preparing for our 2019 tournament

Unless otherwise specified, all events are run at state level.

Rules for all trial events can be found on the NyScioly page at

General Notes

Call Auditorium and Trillium are in Kennedy Hall
Baker Portico and Clark Atrium are in the Physical Sciences Building
HQ/Arbitration is in 294 Clark Hall; Coaches Lounge is RCK 230

Building Codes/Abbreviations:
BKL = Baker Laboratory
GSH = Goldwin Smith Hall
IVS = Ives Hall
KG = Klarman Hall
KND = Kennedy Hall
LNC = Lincoln Hall
MLT = Malott Hall
PSB = Physical Sciences Building
RCK = Rockefeller
SSB = Space Sciences Building
STM = Stimson
URH = Uris Hall
WRN = Warren Hall

Quiz Bowl

We will only be running the test portion of Quiz Bowl.

Code Busters • DIv c

This event will be run at the state level, so any codes listed as testable at state competitions can be included in the test. This will be true for all events where distinctions are made between Invitational and States topics.

thermodynamics • Div B and C


Thanks to changes in capacity and resources, we will now be able to run Thermodynamics for both divisions as specified by the rules.There will no longer be a separate Thermo build demo; therefore, the device testing will occur during the standard time block and be calculated into the score as per the rules. 

By reinstating the formal execution of the event, there should no longer be any confusion and sign-up on Ezra will be a single self-schedule as with the other build events. If you have already completed event signups for your team, there is no further action required as the additional device demo time slots will be removed from Ezra. Competitors should arrive at the event prepared to test their device in addition to taking the written exam. Please note that by reinstating the formal rules, we will now require impound during the 7:00 to 7:50 am impound time block. 

Mission Possible • Div C

There will be no impound; the target operation time will be 60.0 seconds.

Road Scholar • Div. B

All maps will be provided to competitors.

Trial Events • Div B and C

We will be running three Trial Events this year: Parasitology, Duct Tape Challenge, and Science Trivia. These will be optional and will NOT count in teams’ overall scores. Stay tuned for further rules.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us!